Our Origin Story



The story of Unbooze all began when I was a social woman in my early twenties trying to find balance. Living in NYC and working in the fashion space meant there was always an amazing opportunity to network, attend events, join happy hours, and connect with others over dinners and nights out. One thing about this city in particular is that we’re surrounded by amazing cocktails. As I was working hard to socialize and enjoyed my cocktails when doing so, the hangovers that followed me the next day (sometimes two) were taking the fun out of everything. Like many of us, I was desperate to find something to allow me to have my boozy fun and feel good the next day. 

I went on a hunt to find a product that could help me prevent a hangover. I wasn’t ready to give up cocktails, but I wasn’t able to live with two-day-long hangovers anymore. I tried just about every patch, pill, drink, powder and more. I was disappointed by the results from almost all of them. A few products were decent, but nothing knocked my socks off, and I was convinced that there HAD TO BE A WAY to beat a hangover. 


I started making my own packs of vitamins on my kitchen floor. I purchased little pink Ziploc bags on Amazon and filled them with 17 pills…YES SEVENTEEN! I researched what needs to be replenished in the body after drinking and how to prevent the three problems I experienced: headaches, nausea, and HANGXIETY. To my surprise, after a night out I managed to swallow all 17 pills and woke up feeling like I hardly even drank. My mind was blown.

 After putting my little pink packs to the test a few more times & sharing them with friends and family, I knew I was onto something. Soon enough, my friends were begging me to make them packs. I took it a step further and had a doctor fact-check my formula, and he indeed liked it. He introduced me to therapeutic dosing and helped me figure out what dosages the body needed of each ingredient. I then contacted a lab in Florida which made me 100 samples for all my friends and family to try. I was completely blown away when I had 90% positive feedback.


From there, I committed to launching my company and sharing this product all around the country. Unbooze has now been saving thousands and thousands of people’s mornings for almost two years. You can now have your fun & feel good later too. With Unbooze, you don’t have to choose. This isn’t just a product, but a lifestyle. We hope you decide to join us 🥂


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Unbooze Hangover Prevention

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