5 Reasons for 5 Capsules


Yes, we hear you saying, 'I can’t take five capsules after drinking; it's too many.'  Would you prefer to take 5 capsules after your last drink and wake up feeling ready to go the next morning, or would you rather skip the 5 capsules and wake up feeling like you never want to drink again? We want to clarify why our Unbooze packs contain five capsules. We want to assure you that the effort of taking these capsules is worthwhile, as they are designed to help you feel good after enjoying a boozy beverage. We broke it down into 5 reasons to say yes to 5 capsules:

  1. Unbooze capsules are therapeutically dosed. Quality ingredients help give products credibility.  However, many times in the supplements space, products don’t contain enough of each ingredient needed to actually reap the benefits. (Yikes!) We set out to change that. With Unbooze, we ensure that all of our ingredients are added in therapeutic doses so you can wake up feeling truly rejuvenated & better than you should feel after a night of drinking. 
  2. Unbooze is full of essential vitamins. Each serving of Unbooze is loaded with key vitamins that your body needs after enjoying booze. Unbooze also contains liposomal ingredients that assist in optimal absorption throughout the body. 
  3. Unbooze has added herbs & minerals. When you drink alcohol, your liver really takes a beating. This is why we added Chinese herbs and healing minerals to help support your liver while also promoting detoxification. You only have one liver, you have to keep it happy and healthy.
  4. Unbooze contains adaptogens to help combat the mental side effects that follow a boozy night. Our after-alcohol supplement benefits both the mind and body. Our carefully curated list of soothing adaptogens helps to minimize fatigue, hangxiety & brain fog. 
  5. Unbooze is doctor-formulated and contains everything you need, nothing that you don’t. 5 pills may seem like a mouthful of vitamins, but each ingredient is specifically targeting a part of the body that needs a little extra love after drinking alcohol. Our Unbooze promise is to provide you with a solution with simple and effective ingredients. We did just that with this formula. Cheers!



Taking Unbooze can be challenging some nights, but it's worth it. We enjoy seeing our customers using Unbooze after their last boozy beverage. Capture a video of yourself taking Unbooze, share it on your Instagram story, and tag us! We love sharing content of everyone using Unbooze to show that they can also take down five capsules to have fun and feel good later. Cheers to staying hangover-free, one capsule at a time!


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