Summer 2024: Ins & Outs


Summer 2024 is here, and we want it to be the best summer ever! Some trends that were in before are now out, and we’re here to set the record straight. Our team has carefully curated this list of ins and outs for Summer 2024 to help you have the best summer yet.


Hangover Prevention

You knew this one was coming. This summer is all about feeling amazing while still enjoying some boozy fun. Keeping Unbooze stocked in your purse is essential for preventing hangovers all season long. Say goodbye to rough mornings—hangover prevention just got a whole lot easier!

Day Drinking

Day drinking is the perfect plan for a summer Saturday. Whether you're on a boat, lying on the sand, or tanning by the pool, these are all ideal settings for daytime drinks. Take Unbooze after your last drink of the day to stay hangover-free. Planning a summer brunch with the girls? Unbooze will have you ready for your 7 pm dinner reservations.

Rooftop Bars

Rooftop bars are the place to be this summer. They're perfect for post-work cocktails with friends, offering a sunny spot to unwind and enjoy the evening air as it cools down after a hot day.

Clean Ingredients

This summer is all about feeling amazing, which means putting clean ingredients in your body. Unbooze is packed with doctor-formulated, therapeutically dosed clean ingredients to help you feel great after your boozy beverages all summer long.


Balance is key this summer. You want to hit your favorite rooftop bar, but also wake up in time for your morning workout, stay hydrated, enjoy some sun, and do it all over again. Balanced meals are crucial—get your greens, fruits, and protein. Unbooze helps you maintain this balance all summer and year round!


Hungover Sundays

Nobody wants to miss Sunday brunch with the girls because of a hangover. Being hungover this summer is definitely out. Take Unbooze after your last drink on Saturday night to ensure you never miss a Sunday brunch again!

Sugary Electrolytes

Unbooze contains clean ingredients with no added sugars, unlike sugary electrolytes that can leave a bad taste and make you feel bloated. The sugar can also trigger hangover symptoms such as headache and nausea. Stay feeling your best, especially with all the time spent in the sun, by ditching sugary electrolytes this summer.

Missing Your Morning Workout

Missing your morning workout throws off your summer balance. Staying active is essential, and Unbooze ensures you won’t miss a workout class again after a night out.


Restrictions are out! This summer, don't hold back. Enjoy late-night ice cream runs, rooftop cocktails, and day drinking without guilt. With Unbooze, you don’t need to restrict yourself from having boozy fun. Its ingredients specifically target your liver and body’s recovery needs after indulging in drinks.


We’re all about making this the best summer ever—for you and for us! We hope this list of ins and outs helps guide you towards an amazing season. Stay tuned for next week’s post, where we’ll share our summer bucket list. In the meantime, let us know what’s in and out for you this summer by commenting on our latest Instagram post!  



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